Wholesale Spotlight: Magnolias Sous Le Pont

December 11, 2017

Anyone familiar with Avoca knows that we obsess over the details. In our roastery and our stores, we work tirelessly to ensure that our coffee is prepared carefully and purposefully, from the seed to the cup. Our approach to wholesale partnerships is no different, and we’ve decided to dedicate time to showcasing our wholesale partners and the incredible work they’re doing. A beautiful example of our wholesale philosophy in action is Magnolias Sous Le Pont, a Parisian-style cafe in the Harwood District of Uptown Dallas.

The Harwood District is located just north of the American Airlines Center in Uptown Dallas and was developed by Harwood International starting in 1984. In a space that was once a convenience store, Magnolias Sous Le Pont (French for Under The Bridge) was initially built with building tenants in mind but quickly became a popular spot for bloggers. From there, Magnolias was opened up to the public and has enjoyed great success ever since. The design of the space is unmistakably French, and the interior is decidedly warm and comfortable, featuring soft sofas and cafe tables built for conversation. The manager of Magnolias, Karen Thomas, described the menu as French-inspired, but not exclusively so. She spoke at length about their third-wave coffee options and delicious baked goods provided by a local partner.

As Karen put it, Magnolias is known as the “living room of the Hardwood District.” It’s a communal gathering place that puts local artists of all kinds on the stage, many of whom are also passionate baristas. This dedication to local artistry is what ultimately led Magnolias to Avoca. Despite the emphasis on local art, the coffee they brewed came from far out of state, from providers that couldn’t provide hands-on training, answer questions or repair equipment.

The manager that preceded Karen conducted a local search for coffee roasters who could reliably provide great beans and back them up with expert knowledge and product training. That search brought them to Avoca Coffee Roasters. In addition to thoughtfully produced beans, they loved that Avoca was willing to visit them monthly to show them the best possible way to serve them. Those attributes, combined with the A-Tech team’s equipment service capabilities, made Avoca the best choice for Magnolias house roaster. A few years later, they lovingly refer to Avoca team member Dowe as their “coffee guru.”

When asked about their favorite blends or single origins, Karen answered with absolutely no hesitation, “Misty Valley. Hands down. Our team loves it, and our customers love it.” She informed us that they always have three coffees on drip, and also use Chemex, siphon brewing, espresso machines, and more which are serviced by the Avoca team and feature Avoca coffees. The three drips always include Misty Valley, Noir, and a third rotating option. El Indio is their go-to choice for espresso, and our Decaf La Selva is their singular decaf offering. Couple that with the Avoca bags featured on their shelves and it’s no surprise that their customers know our coffee’s names just as well as Avoca customers do.

We’re exceptionally proud of the relationships we have with our wholesale partners, both in terms of our product quality and level of service. Our feelings,however, don’t mean anything unless our clients see value. When asked about how they’d describe their experience with Avoca, Karen on behalf of Magnolias said:

“It’s been great, Avoca is reliable and kind, providing great expertise. If any issues arise, whether it be on our end or theirs, they give notice and remedy the problem as fast as possible. We appreciate their passion for what they do and their desire to have their coffee presented the way it’s meant to.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, and we look forward to many more years of working with Magnolias Sous Le Pont. If you’re interested in your business partnering with Avoca Coffee Roasters, we encourage you to visit our wholesale page to view our capabilities and then give us a call. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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