Geisha Coffee from Ethiopia

December 29, 2015

Geisha Trio 7-5167AVOCA is proud to offer Geisha, one of the rarest coffees in the world and a varietal that many coffee lovers are unaware even exists.

Geisha is an extremely special, single-origin Arabica coffee cultivated from December to March at the Bebeka Estate in Gesha, Ethiopia. Most coffee drinkers never have the opportunity to drink Geisha as there were only twenty-five 130-pound bags brought to the United States from this origin; AVOCA purchased five. Geisha is so special, it won’t last long past the beginning of the new year!

When we initially received the un-roasted coffee, the aroma was an intoxicating scent of homemade banana nut bread. Once roasted, it has the pleasant fragrance of jasmine and vanilla, which leads to a delicious balance of strawberry jam and sweet tropical fruit before finishing with the vibrant acidity of lime.

An heirloom varietal, Geisha is elevation-grown in rich soil in the shade with plentiful rainfall. Genetically, it is the closest things we can consume today to the coffee originally discovered centuries ago by goat herders in what is now Ethiopia.

The beans are carefully cultivated through selective hand-picking, raised bed-drying and hand-sorting. It is inter-cropped with spices, including black pepper, which leads to a truly refreshing cup of coffee with a clean and natural finish you’ll want to savor before it’s gone.

Visit us soon or shop online to get your hands on goodness of Geisha, available in an 8-ounce jar for $25.

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