Kelly Clarkson Shows AVOCA Coffee Roasters some Love

April 2, 2020

Have you seen this Instagram video from the multi-talented superstar Kelly Clarkson? Everyone know Kelly Clarkson sings like an angel, she judges like a seasoned professional on NBC’s The Voice, and she chats with you like she’s your best friend via her talk show The Kelly Clarkson Show.  But…did you also know Kelly Clarkson drinks AVOCA COFFEE?

The TX Whiskey/AVOCA COFFEE Partnership

What roast is that bag of AVOCA COFFEE beans Kelly Clarkson is holding in her hands? And, more importantly, how do you get your hands on some of that specialty roast?

AVOCA COFFEE teamed up with TX Whiskey to bring you a product that can only be ordered directly through the Firestone & Robertson Distilling.  Made using locally roasted AVOCA COFFEE, this product infuses Firestone & Robertson Distilling bourbon or whiskey to kick up your coffee experience a notch. Purchase either the Bourbon Tossed Coffee Beans or Whiskey Tossed Coffee Beans or grab ’em both via a combo pack.

Wanna Try More?

Don’t forget to visit the AVOCA COFFEE Shop to select other great roasts including single origin and blends to round out your daily caffeine ritual.

Need Delivery with More Frequency?

With all this social distancing, homeschooling & telecommuting happening right now, we totally get that some of you require much more caffeination than normal. For you folks looking to keep the coffee flowing at a more consistent pace, we offer AVOCA COFFEE Subscriptions in either once a week or once a month intervals. 

Kelly Clarkson’s Message

We love that Kelly Clarkson gave us a shout out and some social media love. There is no doubt that we are absolutely flattered and eternally grateful that she is an AVOCA COFFEE ROASTERS fan.

We absolutely want ya’ll to buy some AVOCA COFFEE beans when you can either directly from us via our AVOCA COFFEE ONLINE SHOP or through one of our many great partners like TX Whiskey. But…there is also a wider message here.

Kelly Clarkson’s message is ultimately about how it’s important to support any and all small businesses out there that may need a little boost right now. Small business is the heartbeat of your community. Please think about all us independent little guys out there and make some online purchases if you can. If you can be here for us small business little guys & gals now….we collectively promise we will be there for you in the future growing more dreams, spreading more love, and strengthening the connections between those great folks that make up all of our amazing communities.

#supportsmallbusinesses ya’ll 

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