GoFundMe Campaign Established for those Furloughed

March 27, 2020

Many of you may have already heard the news that Avoca Coffee has made the difficult decision to furlough all hourly baristas for the foreseeable future in response to the current environment created by the effects of Covid-19. This action will enable our furloughed employees to file for unemployment benefits and maintain other employee benefits.  

Avoca Virtual Tip Jar Established

The well-being of our employees has always been at the forefront of our administrative decisions, and so it remains now. In an effort to show our support to our baristas during a difficult time, we have established an Avoca Virtual Tip Jar via GoFundMe.

How you can Help?

We encourage you to head to the Avoca Coffee GoFundMe page that has been set up to offer additional financial assistance to those furloughed. If you can show your support at this time, please contribute or spread the word — every little bit helps. 

Avoca Coffee Will Match Your Support

For every dollar raised via the Avoca Coffee GoFundMe page between now and the 3rd of April 2020, Avoca Coffee has pledged to match the donation.

In the meantime, both locations will remain open using curbside/in-store pick up and they will be operated by our management team. 

Avoca Coffee Thanks Our Community

We cannot begin to express how proud we are of our community as we all band together to flatten the curve. Without our customers, none of this is possible. There would be no life-giving satisfaction from that first sip of coffee, no excitement to the day— without you, there is no us. We provide the coffee, but you provide the experience and for that we are eternally grateful.s.

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